How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

If crystal clear water, blue skies, and the peaceful Pacific Ocean waves soothing your nerves and lifting your mood sounds like the perfect vacation for you, you might want to charter a private yacht. To charter a private yacht is the perfect way for families to bond on vacation, for destination weddings, honeymoons, spring breaks, graduations, or any other celebration you can imagine!

However, it’s important to consider the costs and make sure that your vacation is economically feasible. While it’s true that to charter a private yacht can get expensive, many options can make it more affordable for everyone. Larger groups can split the yacht charter cost, and there are many different ways to charter a yacht that are economical and affordable but will still allow you to have the vacation that you’ve always dreamed of.

Cost to charter yacht

How To Calculate The Cost To Charter A Private Yacht

A yacht rental like yacht charters can be quite variable in pricing, depending greatly upon what kind of trip you are looking for and what your budget is. Some of the factors that can influence pricing are:

Ship Type

Of course the size of the ship can play a major role in the cost of your yacht rental, but there are many other factors to consider too. Catamarans are extremely popular for many reasons, and can be powered by sails, have motors, or both. Other factors like the amount of decks, the yacht owner, and other luxury amenities can raise or lower the price substantially.

All Inclusive Rates

Sometimes, a yacht rental will be “all inclusive” versus “plus expenses”. When you pay for an all inclusive trip, everything you need will be provided. This can often make it easier to budget and plan because you will know all of the expenses you will be facing.

It’s important to figure out aspects of the cost like port fees, the crew gratuity, and other additional costs before taking the trip. If you are eating meals ashore, for example, it could lower the price but you will still be on the hook for any food you buy.

Length of A Private Yacht Charter

Possibly the most important factor in yacht rental costs is the length of time you will be on board the ship. Some guests choose to only rent the yacht for a four-hour stretch, while some want a week or more out at sea. One of the first steps towards budgeting for your trip is determining how long you want to rent the yacht and what length of time works best with your budget.

Attractions and Other Benefits

Many other major benefits are included in the base charter rate. When you pay the charter fee for a yacht rental, you will be able to go snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding, or kayaking directly around the charter. Your charter costs will mean that your group has a professional crew on board to talk to and learn from, and you will get to see exactly how sailing works and the mechanics of running a ship.

Find the Best Private Yacht Charter Cost For You

One of the other great aspects of chartering a yacht for your trip is you can take full control of the planning stage to make sure that the costs work for you and everyone has fun. Whether you want to stay overnight, go fishing, swim, try snorkeling, or any other water activity you can imagine, you can make the yacht charter costs work in your favor and create the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Everything You Need for Fun

If you’ve ever been on a full-service cruise ship, chartering a yacht is similar to that except much more up-close, personal, and immersive. One of the reasons people love yacht charters, sailing catamarans, and other crewed charters so much is because the experience is so much more interesting and exciting. While you won’t often get to see the mechanics and captain of a cruise ship, a private charter is your own personal playground that you and your family can totally control for a day.

Instead of paying additional expenses, it’s smarter to pay for all inclusive rates that include everything you will need for fun. From water toys, to paddle boards, to food and an open bar, to a crew that is there to serve you and help you enjoy your day fully, when you charter a private yacht you won’t have to worry about a thing and the charter costs include everything you need for a perfect day on the ship.

Of course, you’ll need to eat too. Your charter cost will include a full-service, delicious lunch tailored to meet your nutritional desires and needs, an open bar, and snacks. Especially when split among a croup, the charter price includes everything you need for the day, making it one of the smartest ways to spend a vacation economically.

The cost to rent a yacht features plenty of benefits that vary depending on what your desires are. If you have kids, soft drinks can be provided, water sports activities are available, and a professional captain will be around to answer your questions. The crew is happy to mingle with you, and the cost to rent includes many other expenses as well.

Average Costs for a Crewed Charter

All that being said, it’s no surprise that chartering a yacht is a luxurious, fun, and incredibly exciting way to spend a vacation. However, the question of how much does it cost to charter a ship is one of the most important questions to answer, so let’s look at some average pricing plans.

Most people charter a yacht in a group and split the charter cost between people. This is an excellent way for a group or extended family to lower the costs and spend a vacation or family reunion. The prices listed below include a group of up to ten people, with each additional person after ten adding a proportional cost.

Costa Rica chartered catamaran

4-Hour Morning Charter Cost

This is the lowest cost to charter, but still provides an excellent time of day to swim, with warm sun and inviting water to start your day. The average charter rate for this time slot is about $1,575.

4-Hour Evening Charter

The evening charter is the best way to get the spectacular sunset views over the ocean and a romantic and elusive atmosphere like no other. The base charter fee for this time slot is around $1,750.

6-Hour Charter

A 6-hour charter can depart any time of day and gives you many hours out on the water having fun. The average charter cost for this trip is $2,450.

Full Day Charter

A full day charter includes the services of the crew all day and multiple meals. This is a truly amazing option for those looking to create one of the best days of their entire life, and the cost to charter is around $3,400.

Overnight and Extended Charters

There are a few other options for those looking for a longer trip. The yacht can be chartered overnight, for days at a time, or taken to special destinations. Because these trips are variable, pricing is on demand and will depend on the specifics of your trip.

The best yacht charter companies and crew will do everything possible to make your vision a reality. The crew is there to make your dreams come true, and if you can imagine it then your charter should be able to do it. Of course, there won’t be meals ashore on these longer trips usually, but with the right charter service you will have food that you love along with snacks and plenty to drink.

From extended charters, to exclusive adventure trips, deep sea fishing in the world-famous waters off of Costa Rica, scuba diving, international voyages, and more, there are truly no limits to what you can do with the right charter. The sky is the limit for extended charters, so let your imagination run wild and begin planning your ultimate adventure today!

Chartered ship cost

Live Your Dream on a Chartered Catamaran

Remember that prices in the summer season might be a little bit higher, and power catamarans take a lot of crew members to run. It’s important to look for the best deals possible, like a weekly rate that can ultimately save you money. From port fees to a crew gratuity, the right all inclusive ship and crew will work hard to make it economical and fun for all aboard.

When the full range of services is taken into account, and especially when the charter cost is split between a group, it ends up being a very affordable trip compared to the fun you will have. Kids will remember it forever, families will grow closer, and romantic partners will find the sights, smells, and sounds irresistible.

For all of these benefits and this much fun, few vacations are more affordable or economical. If you are looking for a trip that people will remember for the rest of their lives, there’s nothing quite like a privately chartered yacht with all the water toys you can dream of where every person can be captain for a day. Contact a ship chartering company today and get the process started of planning the perfect vacation for you!

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