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F.A.Q & Contact Information

What Should I Bring?

On our Day Charter, all you need to bring is a towel, however you may also want to bring your smart phone so that we can play your music and a camera. We supply the rest. 

What if I am prone to sea sickness?

The catamaran is the most stable ride you can have on the sea. However, the slightest motion is all that’s needed for some. We suggest that if you are prone to motion sickness, that you take a Dramamine or “Gravol” as it is locally known in any Pharmacy (Farmacia). It is best to take 1 hour before embarkation BEFORE you start to feel queasy. We have Gravol onboard as well, but again in order for it to work, you it’s best to ingest it 1 hour before you get on the boat.

What is the proper gratuity?

If you enjoyed your trip and the crew did their job well and as expected, then 15-20% of what you paid for the trip is the standard gratuity rate. Tips are shared between all crew members. Captain will divide it and pass it out.

Do you have Safety Gear?

Yes, all of our safety gear meets USCG, SOLAS and Costa Rican Specifications.We carry a 50 person and extra 10 person emergency LifeRafts. In 2019,  The MOPT (Costa Rican DMV) used Pacific Soul’s safety video as the official example of how to perform the safety procedures aboard a Charter Vessel in Costa Rica.

Do you supply snorkel and fishing gear?

Yes, we have plenty of both, as well as 2 SUP’s, Double Kayak, and 15hp hardbottom inflatable

Is there safe parking when we arrive?

Yes, your vehicle will be safe in a guarded parking area.

What is your maximum capacity?

We are licensed to take out 50 passengers with 6 crew.

Do you have shade or AC?

Yes, there is ample shade in the large aft cockpit and AC in the Salon on the mid-deck. The Bridge (upper deck) has a bimini over it for shade and on the lower deck, there are four air-conditioned cabins.


What’s the weather like?

Here in the province of Guanacaste, we have quite a different weather pattern than not only the rest of the country but all of Central America. We live on the Southern edge of the Bay of Papagayo, which is notorious for its strong offshore winds called… “The Papagayos.” The Papagayo’s blow from around Thanksgiving To mid-April. This is the “Dry Season” and High Season! After April, we start to enter the “Green Season”. Due to our unique geographical location, our Green Season is very mild, meaning it’s not anywhere near as wet as any other part of the country.

(See our weather page for best times of the year)
Are there Bathrooms onboard?

Yes, we have 4 fully equipped bathrooms with electric flush toilets and showers with hot and cold running water.

Do you only do Private tours?

Occasionally we do open trips where guests pay per person, but it is not regularly scheduled. Please see our Special Offers section of our website for upcoming open tours.

Are all your charters catered or can we bring our own food and drinks?

Pacific Soul is the first boat in the country to introduce BYO or “BAREBOAT” charters as an option.

We have prices for FULLBOAT (all inclusive) and  BAREBOAT  (Boat, Capt, and Crew only).

Questions we can’t answer for you
  • Should I have a beer or a rum drink?
  • Should I go snorkeling or kayaking ( or beach walking, fishing, or paddle boarding)?
  • Should I lay in the hammock or on the trampoline?
  • Should I have a Margarita or a Bloody Mary
  • Should I do what my kids/spouse wants or what I want?
  • Do I want Air conditioning or no Air conditioning?
  • How much wasabi do I want on my Sashimi?
  • Should I try a Chile Guaro shooter?
  • Which one of these sea shells are prettier?

Cancellation Policy

We will return your payment in full if the cancellation is due to us calling off the trip. This would be due to mechanical problems or Pacific Soul calling the trip off due to extreme weather. This would come from 30 years of experience in this bay of knowing when conditions will be unreasonable and will not lift during the time of your excursion. We will not cancel because clients thinks it will rain, as usually it is just a passing squall.

If you need to cancel:

We will return 100% of your payment within 90 days’ notice. We will return 50% if you cancel between 7 and 90 days from your booking. Inside 7 days there will be no refund, but we will give you full credit for another available ate.

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